Gritting the tunnel

With my first bomb under my belt and with enough time gone by for me to knit up another frenzy, what should happen to occur but I KNIT LONDON‘s gritting the tunnel event in waterloo!  There is a legal space to graffitti and it was organised today for us knitters to join the spray and graffitti as one.

I met with Knit The City early in the morning and discovered their brilliant idea and the work that they spent on it (well done ladies).  (See their creativeness HERE).  Although i am sadly not a part of that fab group, i had brought 2 bombs with me to throw on a wall somewhere in the depths of the tunnel.

As i perused the tunnel my eyes fell upon the brilliant sight of a fully graffited parking mirror… well graffited in paint!  The knit the city’s purple purler was on her way back to the tunnel opening with a chair… after balancing fairly precariously my bomb was placed and i stood back to admire, my new yarn bomb 🙂

With one in place i felt it was only right to let free my second piece, he was to adorn the handle on the way into the tunnel.  With the pieces completed it was off to the pub with Knit The City, to indulge in a few magners and some nosh.

Later that day we returned to the tunnel to check on our ‘baby’s’ only to spot some naughty peeps clearly up to no good, dismantling the web and making off with the banksy rat as well as spider and mouse from the web… not if we could stop them! And so we confonted them.  We managed to save the spider and mouse but alas the rat was no more, he was whisked off after only a few hours, to start a new life…

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