Prick your finger

It was a friends birthday and a few of us headed over to Kew Gardens for a trip around the beautiful plants and flowers with a stop for cake scheduled in along the way.

One of the destinations on our way around the greenery was the palm house.  As we wondered through, the air thick with humidity and every plant seemingly straight from our kitchen cupboard or bathroom cabinet, the white railings lining the floor of the green house jumped out at me.

‘Make me a nice wooly jumper and a flower’ they sang, ‘So that we match all the beautiful, colourful fauna around us.’

I couldn’t make all of them colourful, but I did manage to help one out…

Did you visit the palm house and see it – or is it gone?  Please let me know here.

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6 thoughts on “Prick your finger

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  2. Scott on said:

    Haha! I work in the Palm House and never noticed it, when did it go up?
    I’m on holiday but will lookfor it on my return.

    • The Fastener on said:

      Hi Scott,
      Thanks for your message. It went up on Sunday and it was just past the spiral staircase… would love to know if its still there?

  3. Scott on said:

    Unfortunately not, it was removed while I was away, which is how they saw the tag with mention of this website. We still have it in the office though…

    • The Fastener on said:

      ah shame it was removed but very happy it still lives! Don’t suppose you could send a pic of it in its new home?

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