**Re-engineered Pattern! – Skull Scarf**

I absolutely love this skull and cross bones lace pattern, but I wanted to make it into a scarf.

copyright The Fastener 2010

You can find the original, fabulous lace pattern here.

To make it into a triangular shawl I immediately drew out the middle skull of the 3 skull charts. (follow the above link).  This made it so much easier to follow and meant I didn’t get too confused over which skull to follow.  It should also be noted that I worked the chart from the bottom up., and when it came to the YO on the chart for the eyes and nose I did an increase one (like a cast on stitch).  This stopped the top of the holes poking up.

Skull Lace Shawl

Please note there is no way I would have made this shawl without the fabulous charts from here, courtesy of Sarah Bradbury (Thanks Sarah!)


KFB = Knit front and back to make 2 stitches where you had only 1

K2T = Knit 2 Together

YO = Yarn Over

SSK = Slip, Slip Knit. (slip one as to knit, knit the next stitch and pass the first slipped stitch over the just knitted stitch).

K = Knit

P = Purl

PM = place marker

CHART * = follow chart pattern row number *

Row 1: CO1

Row 2: KFB (2)

Row 3: (KFB) x 2 (4)

Row 4: KFB, K2, KFB (6)

Row 5: KFB, YO, K2T, SSK, YO, KFB

Row 6: KFB, K6, KFB

Row 7: KFB, YO, K2T, K4, SSK, YO, KFB (12)

Row 8: KFB, K to end, KFB (14)

Row 9: KFB, YO, K2T, K1, K2T, YO, K2, YO, SSK, K1, SSK, YO, KFB (16)

Row 10: KFB, K to end, KFB (18)

Row 11: KFB, K to end, KFB (20)

Row 12: KFB, (CHART 1), KFB (22)

Row 13: KFB, K1, PM, (CHART 2), PM, K1, KFB (24)

Row 14: KFB, K2, (CHART 3), K2, KFB (26)

Row 15: KFB, YO, K2T, K1, (CHART 4), K1, SSK, YO, KFB (28)

Row 16: KFB, K4, (CHART 5), K4, KFB (30)

Row 17: KFB, YO, K2T, K3, (CHART 6), K3, SSK, YO, KFB (32)

Row 18: KFB, K6, (CHART 7), K6, KFB (34)

Row 19: KFB, YO, K2T, YO, K2T, K3, (CHART 8), K3, SSK, YO, SSK, YO, KFB (36)

Row 20: KFB, K8, (CHART 9), K8, KFB (38)


KFB, K to marker, then follow chart, K to last stitch, KFB.


KFB, YO, K2T, K1, YO, K2T, K to marker, follow chart, K to 6 stitches before end, SSK, YO, KFB

After the first skull was finished I then continued, adding a further skull each side.  And again on the next round… So that you end up with 1 skull at the bottom, 3 above that and 5 above that.

Hope you like my rehashed pattern, please drop me a message if you make one using my guidelines, and also if there are any mistakes!

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