Rage Against The Machine part 2

Return to Sender

So often when I leave my treasured pieces on the street or in their new (albeit temporary) home, I don’t hear anything about where they have gone, who found them, and who has taken them on as new pets in their home.  It’s a given with knitted graffiti that people who find them will capture them and take them into a new world, and its a part of graffiti that I love.  The thought that someone else loves it so much that they want to ‘steal’ it, and that I am making something for someone I dont know, have never met and most probably will never meet.  All those hours and love for a complete stranger, why not?!

However, on the very rare occasion, someone who finds my creation, will take the time to find my site and post a little message.  I had this with my La Calaverita in Old Twickers , and Prick Your Finger, and then I had it with Rage Against The Machine, which I left at the V and A.

The lovely curator of the exhibition, Sue Prichard contacted me and explained that at the V and A, they are unable to keep any unsolicitated gifts and wanted to return my graffiti to me!  So, unusually, this one had a second lease of life and was destined to adorn the community once more.

Part 2


copyright THE FASTENER 2010


I have waited for a good time, as I always like to leave pieces that are relevant to their surroundings.  When the fabulous Perri Lewis and Mr X Stitch said they were hosting an after party for the Knitting and Stitching show, I knew it was the perfect time to let my sewing machine, needle and thread loose on the streets for the second showing.  (Thanks to Perri and Mr X for the brilliant party!)


copyright THE FASTENER 2010



Copyright THE FASTENER 2010


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2 thoughts on “Rage Against The Machine part 2

  1. Michelle on said:

    I found him yesterday! I was so intrigued that I popped back today and found him still there. He is a lovely work of art so I hope you don’t mind if he comes to live with me. I didn’t want to leave him exposed to the elements. Furthermore I felt the machine was very apt for me as I just did a beginners sewing course a couple of weeks ago and went to the stitch show on friday. Thankyou – I’m chuffed!

    • The Fastener on said:

      Ah thats brilliant, it sounds like he’s gone to a good home! Of course i don’t mind. Any pic of him enjoying his new surroundings for me to post would be great! many thanks for letting me know! – if possible, send to TheFastenerKnits@gmail.com

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