Sketchbook Project 2011

A few months back in 2010 I joined up to The Sketchbook Project.  You sign up, they send you a moleskin sketchbook and you had until January 2011 to fill the sketchbook and send it back.  The project is a different kind of art show that is touring America and ending up as a permanent exhibition at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York.  Its a pretty cool oppurtunity and one I wanted to be involved in.

But that was back in August 2010 and January has certainly snuck up on me.  With an imminent house move and a baby due in a few months I needed to get a move on and quick!  Luckily I managed to get it all finished and spread the wooly word of graffiti!

Although drawing and painting is not my strongest creative area, I wanted to have a play and put together all of my graffiti projects in a sort of self made book.

Here are my favourite pages.  I filled the pages with picures of my graffiti as well as brainstorms and sketch ideas.  If you are in America, you can actually view the book when it comes to a city near you.  You can view when and where here.

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7 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project 2011

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  2. Beautiful. I have moleskine envy and knit envy (I only crochet) and wish I could go and see it live.

  3. kimsarahtillyer on said:

    I just found your profile on the Sketchbook Project and came here to see what you do ,like a big virtual stalker! I love it and I hope I find some of your graffiti next time I’m in London ( round about Farringdon would be good, hint hint!)

    • The Fastener on said:

      Im so glad you love it, hopefully you’ll find one of my storms some day.. we often tweet live about it on twitter if you want to keep up to date and perhaps guess where ill be storming next so you can see it in person! (@thefastener)

  4. Love to see your book pages, Emma. They are beautiful!! I have a link on our store site to the project. XX

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