Stitching up The Tate

On Friday 2nd September Tate Britain held one of it’s Late at Tate Britain evenings.  Titled ‘Restless Times’ it was part of the exhibition which is currently being held at the gallery and is part of the Great British Art Debate, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Late at Tate Britain

The Fastener's crocheted paint

Stitch London and Knit The City were asked to hold a graffiti knitting workshop and so, Knit The City were given free rein to graffiti up the Tate.  Such an offer could not be refused!  Deadly Knitshade and I embraced the task ahead of us and decided to storm around the main columns in the main hall near to the Octagon.  With Rag&Bow; The roaming vintage store interactive fashion experience just behind us and the collection display galleries to the left of us being transformed into a visual display of beautiful light bouncing off the paintings that live there, we set about to brighten up the posts with our sticks and string (and in my case hook!)…

Knit The City @ Tate Britain
The Fastener's wooly writing

Paintbrush and paint tube: primary red

Crocheted paintbrush

Crocheted paintbrush

Paintbrush and paint tube: light blue

Wooly paint

All items handmade by The Fastener – Stick man handmade by Deadly Knitshade.

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5 thoughts on “Stitching up The Tate

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  3. jafagirls on said:

    I LOVE the paintbrush with the paint around the bottom of the pole, just FANbloodyTASTIC.

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