Sketchbook project in cyberspace

About this time last year, I signed up to participate in a really exciting project based in the USA.  It involved being sent a moleskin sketchbook and using any medium and any technique to fill it.  The deadline was January 2011 after which it would fly around 10 different states, stopping at each to let anyone who wanted to to take it out of its shelf and browse its pages.  It’s such a fantastic idea and I was very excited to be involved.  You can read all about it on my earlier post here.  The end of the tour culminated in all the books being catalogued and held in perminant residence at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York.  And now, the books are in digitised format.  Its so amazing that with the help of the internet you can now view a selection of the books from the comfort of your comfy sofa, no matter where in the world you are.

View My book (and many others) over at the Sketchbook Project Digitized Library

2011 Sketchbook Project Tour Seattle from mightymoss on Vimeo.

You can also participate in the 2012 sketchbook project too, it’s even more exciting as it visits the UK and Australia as well as the US!

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2 thoughts on “Sketchbook project in cyberspace

  1. Need. Spiderman. Now. Do you have a pattern?

    Congratulations on your book, sounds like a wishlist addition!

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