Superhero adventures in London

Its been a very exciting year for us Knit The City girls.  Not least of this excitement is our fantastic new book that Deadly Knitshade herself has written.  Ever wondered why we do what we do, where we’ve done what we’ve done or what it is we’ve made?  It’s all been packed into a beautiful coffee table hard back book.  Bursting with stunning photos of our wooly crimes and with all the inside info on all of the yarn corps.  To see what all the fuss is about for yourself, head on over to amazon, where you can get your mitts on your very own copy.

So, to celebrate our very own book’s arrival, we had a party, complete with a new yarnstorm in the heart of soho at Gosh Comics.


I tried to go alone, but alas those pesky crocheted characters simply follow me where ever I go.  This time it was the turn of my three favourite superheroes; Batman, Spiderman and Superman.  Not content to stay at home and wander around the house searching for villains to teach a lesson to, they crept into my bag and jumped on the train with me to Gosh.  It could only end in disaster… or could it?

Spiderman: “Hang on a minute… where are we?  I don’t remember this part of town.”

“Holy haberdashery batman, where are we?”


“I know the Joker is here somewhere…”

The heros hanging out together

“Well he’s evaded us this time, but we seemed to have stumbled upon mountains of awesome books instead”

Spiderman: ” and if I could just get to the top of this mountain I may get a better vantage point”

ktc cakes

Meanwhile the Knit The City team went in search of cake and found these awesome examples complete with phone box cosies and plarchie the squid!

Our squidtastic cake

..Back in the super hero world…

Superman flying above Gosh Comics till

Superman flying off to rescue Lois Lane

Superman had found a perfect view point from above the till.

Spiderman clinging on

Spiderman had scaled a shelf in search of evil villains

Spiderman surveying his new home

“I know I’ll find them from this height”

Batman in Gosh Comics

…and Batman had settled on top of a picture, desparate to see himself in print on the next shelf.

Batman searching for his own book

Will our heroes find any villains?  Will they find their way back to The Fastener’s house?  And will Spiderman ever manage to get on top of that huge pile of books? ‘ Tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel’

If you can’t wait until next time, check out this awesome video that our fab friends at Alt Artist made of the evening:

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One thought on “Superhero adventures in London

  1. Great blog! I wish I could get involved in this sort of mass yarn bombing in London. Sadly I am having to yarn bomb my local town with myself, and my occasional partners in crime, a crazy American, and various less-than-willing children!

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