Pick Your Own

It’s been far too long between yarnstorms this past year.  I’m really aiming to change that in the coming year and so thought I’d start off the spring with a solo yarnstorm in my home town of Bushey in Hertfordshire.

I’ve had the idea for a long time.  I wanted the piece to be interactive with the people who found it.  By that I mean that each person could keep a little of what they saw.

And so, Pick Your Own was born.  16 flower brooches cover the knitted background.  The piece is in the middle of what is known as Bushey Village, very near to my fantastic Local Yarn Store (Mavis) and a good spot for people to stop and wander what’d happened in Bushey.

And wander they did!…

'If I hide behind her I won't get accused of taking a break'

First a lady exclaimed (while on the phone) ‘Oh that’s so pretty’ Then, when the sewing was complete, 2 traffic wardens stopped to admire the handiwork. (Surprisingly friendly for traffic wardens – I thought they all had a hugely thick layer of skin and grew horns if you looked at them? No?)…

'I wanna be a yarnstormer when I grow up Mum'

Then the residents of Bushey just couldnt stop themselves from taking a peak.

I hope that it will brighten up Bushey and make my little town smile at the sight of something different in their high street.

Thanks for making me feel so welcome Bushey this last year, and keep your eyes pealed, I may just leave another little present in the future!

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17 thoughts on “Pick Your Own

  1. Love it! Has anyone taken any of them yet?

    • The Fastener on said:

      Not sure, I havent had a chance to check back on it, will take a gander tomorrow with baby button and report back…

  2. I took one this afternoon …not many left by then. Lovely idea !

  3. Fantastic idea. Wish I lived in Bushey!

  4. joy keith on said:

    thats is lovely xxxxxxxx

  5. Jonathan on said:

    My girlfriend and I picked the grey and purple flower today with a small polka dot button in the middle. There’s only one left now! Lovely touch to Bushey village 🙂

  6. my friend & i took one each on our way home from the cinema last night-thank you,we’ll treasure them! j&s

  7. Lovely yarn flowers! What a wonderful way to decorate a phone poll/1

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  9. Love the idea, colours and the design – hope everyone treasures their free flowers! =)

  10. Nancy on said:

    We took a red and cream one – it’s so lovely! It gets worn a lot. Thank you for decorating Bushey so nicely. Wish there was a lot more lamp posts like this!

  11. Ed Scott on said:

    Saw these ages ago – got a picture on my phone but they were all gone! It was however liberating to see a random act of kindness. Or the remnant of one. (We were drunk and it was late at night.) Might do something similar myself 🙂 x

    • The Fastener on said:

      Glad you enjoyed my flowers! You should definitely so a random act of kindness – make someone smile and change their day 🙂 I look forward to hearing about what you decide to do… keep us posted please!

  12. I *love* this idea. Fantastic. I’m designing crochet snowflakes at the moment – might do the same in the snow one eve. x G

  13. those are really creative ways to display craft-made projects, thanks for the ideas

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