Hello! (sorry it’s been a while!)

Wow, as the saying goes ‘Where has the time gone?!’

It’s been so long in fact that my little baby is now a full grown cheeky toddler!

Baby button during the jubilee
(not so) Baby button now as a cheeky toddler

I hope you didn’t start to think that the graffiti bug had left me, leaving me a shadow of my former self?

No, life I’m afraid has got in the way of a lot of things these past few months and blogging was the thing that took the hit. I’m glad to say that my graffiti hasn’t taken as much of a hit.

It’s definitely true that I’d rather I’d have done a lot more pieces than I have, but I have been dipping my toe into projects every now and then.

So, as I have rather a lot to catch up on, I’m going to be posting my projects up over the next week or so.

So much has happened since my Jubilee graffiti… I worked at the opening ceremony of the olymypics, a little sideline blossomed over at Studio 7t7, Deadly Knitshade and I did our first ever yarnstorm bootcamp on the Isle Of Wight, I’ve been busy making creatures professionally on films and tv shows (I’d love to tell you more but masked crusaders would come and kill me), we (Knit the city) did our biggest ever yarnstorm piece for Toyota’s positive power campaign, we yarnstormed for the Tate Gallery and I got engaged!

Watch this space for the gory details of these things and more in the next few posts….

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