Setting the paint free

Unfortunately we (deadly knitshade and myself) were unable to leave our pieces that we made for Tate Britain in situ.

So, we gathered them up and kept them warm for a few weeks while we pondered over where to finally set them free into the wild.

Then, I heard about Britain in a day, a project which encouraged everyone to pick up a camera and film their day on Saturday 12th November 2011.  It was then asked that everyone send in the footage to be edited and directed by Ridley Scott to be made into a feature length film.

Being a fan of Life in a day, I really wanted to take part in this amazing project.  And, so, our yarnstorm day was set.  But, the place was a little less obvious.  We haven’t left anything in a suburb of London collectively and certainly not in South East London.  Deadly has her studio there, so it seemed right that we should leave a little wooly gift to the people of Deptford.


The fabulous Altartist filmed our progress so we didn’t have to think about camera technicalities (thank goodness) and we headed off into deepest darkest Deptford town.  The market there is amazing – you can literally get thousands of different things, it was like a jumble sale on a grand scale, I totally recommend it!


Near to the market there is a huge wall, recently covered in murals for the Deptford X.  The colours were perfect for the paint colour tubes I’d made, so our place was found…

It was a very interesting experience – half way through a passer by tried to unravel one of Deadly’s pieces to get the wire inside and the whole time there was a guy in the background who sounded exactly like Rimmer from Red Dwarf!




Deadly Knitshade’s ode to traditional graffiti

…Anyway, I hope that Deptford like our wooly art and that they lasted more than 5 minutes before being unravelled to use the materials!

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